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Chirurgery – a Pirate’s Surgeon at Sea
  “Aye, ‘tis true. I’ve many.” He held up trembling palms and grinned. “Me hands be gifted and I be most happy to show ye the manner in which Masters of Chirurgery conduct their skills, should the op’tunity be present, Madame.” He gestured toward the shelves and nearly fell off

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A Dotard in Skirts
  "Follow me, if ye can walk independently. I’ll not be escortin’ ye across deck. The crew’d view a dotard in skirts ready to fall prey to these cutthroat’s and ye cannot tolerate it, apparently.” - Winne (Onyx Rising - the Deja vu Chronicles)  

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Pirate Welcome – (Prepare to Flee)
"I’ll be the first to welcome ye lass and Raymon’ be next,” the pirate sneered. “Then I might be greetin’ ye again, after I catch me breath a bit…if ye know what I mean.” (Onyx Rising - the Deja vu Chronicles)

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