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Samhain – A Celebration of the Harvest (Halloween)

So often, Samhain and paganism is associated with anti-Christian belief.  While that may be true for some of the more “modern” religions, it was true in origination.  “Pagan” was the term used to classify the poor, which often encompassed farmers and field workers back in ancient times (pre-Christ).  Thus, paganism, in the true sense of […]

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Celebrity Talk – Marti Melville with KEVIN DU TOIT

Kevin Du Toit, speaks out about his experience in front of the camera on Discovery Channel’s newest reality series, Tethered.  Listen in as Kevin discusses his experience in front of the camera, his success as an iconic realtor with beach-front properties along the California coast, and glamorous stories behind the scenes of some of Hollywood’s biggest […]

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Province and Paparazzi

Several years ago I attended an event that placed me in a rather confined space (the ballroom could easily fit my entire house within its walls).  Perhaps an expanse that size would not be considered condusive to a claustrophic composure for most, myself included, UNTIL the paparazzi arrived.  Camera flashes randomly exploding just yards from […]

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