Writer – “Are you NUTS?”

Wendy says that to me all the time – she’s my best friend and probably knows me better than anyone else.  So mostly, I ignore her when she says it.  Still, those single three words come back to haunt every time I sit down to write.

So why do writers write?

I write...

Maybe that’s why.  So many ideas floating in the subconsious outer-hemisphere, all of them begging to be put on paper (or a thumbdrive).  For me, it’s therapy.  Really!  From my earliest days I’ve always needed a place to escape.  Throughout adolescence, I escaped into the theater – acting, directing and writing plays.  In college, my escape found me with a guitar on my lap and a microphone in my face.  As a mother raising kids – well, you’ll have to ask them (pay no heed to the satire behind their smirk).  And now, my days are filled with escaping – to the Caribbean in the 18th century or into the bowels of a haunted house, occasionaly I find myself working through the twisted maze of a sinister hospital.  All great things in my life.

So why do we (writers) write?  Because we have to – it’s in our souls.  We are mad!  Crazy in love with the creative process and the prospect of visualizing a concept.  This is something that we must share with others.  Hence, a book, poem, magnificent piece of art or movie.  It’s all about the same thing, an idea.


“I believe you must be madly in love with cinema to create films. You also need a huge cinematic baggage.”—Jean-Pierre Melville

(I love that guy’s name – I guess creating is in the blood!  And YES!  We’re nuts.)

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  1. I love writing, especially journals and my thoughts and feelings, they just flow, everything becomes clearer on paper .

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