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The Deja vu Chronicles - spectral face

Morrigan speaks


A ghost story? Count me in!

An opportunity to write for a magazine presented itself this week. I jumped at it, excited at the prospect of sharing my imagination in a new venue. It was magical and I loved every moment — writing an ethereal story about ghosts. My kind of tale!

The scene began with an old house and a staircase (of course), a long hallway, and something that went “bump in the night.” As the plot began to unfold, Kathryn suddenly appeared.

“Okay…Kathryn can be there. She deals with hauntings, ghosts, staircases, and old stuff all the time,” I told myself. I believed it too. Then the staircase turned into a causeway and the landing a deck.


As I continued to tell the story filling my brain, Kathryn found herself immersed in the bowels of a ship, the ghost a pirate, and the rest…wrote itself.

“I can’t get out of the Caribbean,” I said. My husband laughed, kissed my forehead, and nodded. I guess he realized that is my fate and Kathryn will remain with me until The Deja vu Chronicles is finished (it’s not…Cutthroat’s Omen is still being written).

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In that moment, I realized I was the one being haunted — visited by the spirit of a Celtic witch, who was kidnapped and survived life at sea with pirates. A story of survival. She obviously has more for me and I need to listen. It seems the only stories she’ll allow, outside of her own, are the BallyHuHu stories. Thus far, that’s a salty tall-tale as well, so maybe that explains it.

Inside, I’m smiling because I love the Caribbean and love the Celtic witch that takes me there. I await the decision of the magazine. Should they decide Kathryn doesn’t belong with them, she’ll stay with me and I’ll post her newest short story here. In the meantime, I look forward to her next visit and the adventure she’ll take me on in the 18th-century Caribbean.

~ Fair winds, mates!

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