What Would You Pick on a Monday Night? The Bachelor or Scarlet …?

RoseI just read a great article on my publisher’s website and need to share it here.  Why?  Mainly because I have been wrestling with this very dilemma for the past 30 minutes.  

What to do with my quest for drama on a Monday night filled with crimson roses and the desire for a book entitled, Scarlet.  I know the very problem outlined here — the need for the color RED!  Perhaps it’s the very recent date just passed — Valentine’s Day left a void that still begs for drama.

For those who feel the pull for drama at night — READ HERE and then let me know what you finally did on your Monday evening.  I’ll definitely do the same.

Drama and the Bachelor fill the hours of Monday night unless you pick up a book to read it  from Doce Blant Publishing and Marti Melville

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