Marti Melville travels as she writes and researches information for her books, published by Doce Blant Publishing

Oh my goodnes!

I am dying to catch up on writing, blogging, staying in touch with friends on social media…everything! Lately, it’s been NUTS (as Wendy likes to put it) and I have fallen behind on the things that I really want to do–mainly write.

Travelling is awesome! Meeting new people, exploring new places, and signing books for new readers–it seriously doesn’t get better than that. However, time doesn’t allow me to do those things and still stay in touch the way I’d like.

So…I apologize.

My goal is to be back and talk about things that matter. Hopefully we can connect on some level at that time.

In the meantime…I’m thinking of you and send you HUGS! ❤️

A very narrow staircase leading down to more treasures

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