Totally Stuck!

Totally Stuck!

I’m stuck!


I’ve fallen off the “what next” idead train and landed in something completely foreign! Just what comes next in the story, is as evasive as the way out of a head-first plant into a snowbank.

My guess is to back up…take a look around and figure out what comes next. But therein lies the problem.


I’m totally stuck in the quagmire of ideas that have no connection and zero direction.

Storytelling has never been a problem for me (just ask my parents) – especially the ones that are set in history and roll over vast seas. Dabble that with a little Celtic folklore and a lot of Caribbean magic, and you have the recipe for a well-seasoned tall tale.

Except, when the creative ship runs aground.

The answer is obvious and the tools are available, I just need to go there and do the work that needs to be done. Mostly, those include:

  • moving into stillness and quieting the mind
  • using the screenwriter’s trick to record ideas on 3×5 cards
  • settling into the “work” of recording those ideas
  • taking it easy on myself because I’ve just experienced the infamous “Writer’s Block” for the first time

I’m laughing as I write this. Mostly, because I know this isn’t the end, but rather, the beginning. A new process for a new book. Cutthroat’s Omen: A Crimson Dawn (book 4) is likely the last book in The Deja vu Chronicles, so the responsibility for writing a satisfying conclusion weighs heavily upon me.

But maybe there’s the rub…


Maybe, this isn’t really the last book. After all, Kathryn and Capt. Phillips do share many lifetimes. Maybe this book is just a set-up for another life-launch into another century and wonderful adventures there. Perhaps their lifeboat has just settled while a helicopter awaits in the background.



I really don’t know where this is going, but I look forward to the voyage. We’ll meet each other between the pages of the books that come forth! Until then…

~Fair winds and seas to follow


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