The Quest for a Great Novel Series

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Who doesn’t love to get their hands on the newest, hot novel series, sink down into a favorite leather chair with a cup of something hot, and then disappear into some other world for the day. It’s one of my favorite tasks – and part of my job, as it were, as a writer. The trick is to find the right novel series.


Time is not a friend when it comes to novel series. Authors who produce these must find the means to write not just one book, but rather several. George Martin (Game of Thrones) has been known to take up to five years between each one of his books in the series – he’s meticulous and it shows. J. K. Rowling took nearly ten years to write the Harry Potter series – again, it shows. I suppose any great novelist will dedicate the time (versus caving to a quick turnover demand) to write quality work even on a series.


As a writer of fiction – yes, a series – I struggle with the same pressure to “get another book out” as fast as possible. But the need to produce a good story with a consistent plot and well-developed characters slows me down. My growing experience in writing “with excellence”— aka: quality books — supports my ability to produce faster. But still, even with the pressure to finish a sequel, I still opt to take the time needed to write the series the way “it’s meant to be written” – for the reader’s sake.

And so – a resounding “Huzzah” sounds out from authors everywhere to fans, who wait in the wings for the next edition in the series to be published. Thank you! Please know we appreciate your support and patience with the process. Here’s to a great relationship between novelists and the readers who love a great novel series.

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