Onyx Rising (book 3)

Onyx Rising book 3 in The Deja vu Chronicles


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Third edition

Onyx Rising Deja vu (book 3)

The Deja vu Chronicles


On the verge of execution, Kathryn discovers a secret carved into a floating corpse that sets her on the path to buried treasure. But when faced with the chance to regain her rightful place on board the Revenge, she must choose between safety and cutthroats before a voodoo curse annihilates her companions, and takes away the one chance she has to regain her status and return to life … as a pirate.

Obscurity conceals the moon and the black omen rises. Maelstrom and dark deeds follow those who sail Caribbean waters. Their captain is presumed dead and the crew of the Revenge must seek other ways to survive and fresh ships to command. Kathryn must also find her way through the darkness and discovers a hidden treasure lay buried in secrets hidden within the dead. Magic and mysticism weaves through the Caribbean Sea as the Onyx Moon hovers.

Set in 1723, the third novel in the Déjà vu Chronicles, Onyx Rising  continues the paranormal adventures of Kathryn, Seth, Archer and Calico Jack Rackham, as well as Capt. John Phillips – an actual pirate known for his ruthless history pirating the Spanish Main from 1721-1724.

Onyx Rising is the third book in The Deja vu Chronicles.

Third edition

Doce Blant Publishing
Doce Blant Publishing

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Previous editions of Onyx Rising
*This edition is no longer in print

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1st edition

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