Midnight Omen (book 1)

Midnight Omen (book 1 in The Deja vu Chronicles) is written by Marti Melville and based on an actual pirate's history, Captain John Phillips of the Revenge in 1721

Third edition

Midnight Omen (book 1)
The Deja vu Chronicles

Besieged by the supernatural, modern day teens are haunted by 18th Century marauders, but when faced with life on board an ancient ship, they learn their survival depends on haunting events lived long ago as Caribbean pirates.

Set in a bustling seaside community hospital, an emergency room team struggles to save the life of one of their patients … and fails.  Kathryn, RN is enmeshed in the demands of the ER until a series of haunting dreams sends cold fear coursing through her body.  Suddenly she becomes the victim of unexplained magical events.  Desperately seeking answers, she is regressed to a previous life in which she discovers the secrets behind her magic powers as a healer.  She learns that she once lived in a tiny seaside village near Wales with her grandmother, a Celtic witch who teaches Kathryn to use her Gift for healing.  Their lives change the night an omen surrounding the moon foretells of imminent danger.  It isn’t long before Kathryn is kidnapped by rogue, churlish men and taken from her home in the heather to a ship bound for the Caribbean.

Midnight Omen is the first book in The Deja vu Chronicles.
(Third edition)

Midnight Omen (The Deja Vu Chronicles #1)

Publisher’s Weekly Review

The past haunts the present in this lumbering piratical fantasy, first in the Deja Vu Chronicles. When ER nurse Katherine experiences unusual phenomena while on duty one night, her mentor suspects it’s related to her magical gifts and mysterious heritage. In order to learn more, Katherine undergoes shamanistic regression to a past incarnation, where she relives the adventures of Kathryn, a Welsh witch living in 1721. As Kathryn, she’s coerced into joining the crew of the pirate ship Revenge, under the captaincy of John Phillips; many of the men superstitiously avoid her, but she nevertheless finds a place among them, using her powers to protect and heal them. As they confront other pirates, thwart mutiny, and plunder their way across the Caribbean, Kathryn suspects larger forces are at play and have brought her on board for a reason. Despite the modern-day framing sequence, most of this tale takes place in 1721, leading to a narrative imbalance between the various threads. Melville’s work, which heavily romanticizes the life of a pirate, is atmospheric but overly descriptive and even flowery, which drags down the pacing and tension. It’s a solid start to the series, but it lacks real story movement. (BookLife)

From screenwriter and film producer, George L. Heredia (May 30, 2017):

“Just wanted to send Marti Melville some kudos on her book Midnight Omen. Wow. WOW.
This is what pirate tales should be about, not that whiney cartooney Jack Sparrow.
Seriously, this needs to get made into film.
Thanks for an amazing tale. We loved it.”


Doce Blant Publishing

Doce Blant Publishing

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Older Editions of Midnight Omen (limited availability)

First edition Midnight Omen Deja vu by Marti Melville

Midnight Omen Deja vu (1st edition)

obsolete cover second edition Midnight Omen

Midnight Omen (2nd edition)

*The first & second editions of Midnight Omen Deja vu are no longer in print.


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    "Melville’s work, which heavily romanticizes the life of a pirate, is atmospheric ... a solid start to the series." ~ Publisher's Weekly (February 2017)
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