That Deja vu Moment

One of my favorite lines comes from the comedy film, Best in Show. It’s the part where Sherri Ann Cabot is stuffing her face with popcorn, talking about waiting for a message…from herself.

I love that!

But there may be something to Sherri Ann’s messages–something that we would alll do well to listen to. Those moments that come to us and speak to our souls, reminding us that this is familiar. Some call it coincidence, but I call it Deja vu.

It’s real.

Have you ever been somewhere and felt that twinge of familiarity–as if you’ve been there before? You recognize the moment or landscape or an aroma…or even something that was said. “You’ve said that before…” Recognize yourself saying that?

It’s as if you’ve already lived that moment and are repeating it again, for some reason.

Many brush off those rare Deja vu moments in life. But for those who stop and listen, “until I get another message…from myself,” as Sheri Ann Cabot wisely did, there could be an inherant reason for repeating that experience. In reality, Deja vu may just be God’s way of warning us of danger. Perhaps He’s reminding us of something precious from our past that has been forgotten with time. Maybe, it really is a message that needs some silent stillness to hear.

I think the Deja vu experience in life is less related to pirates (unless a soul mate has become the Captain of a pirate ship that sails the 18th-century Caribbean…then maybe), and more related to the Celtic spirit of life.

The Celts understood that there is more to life than what a person view as his or her reality. I love what is found in this article in Illuminatus! trilogy: Celtic Roots of Quantum Theory. This single comment from Anthony Burgess sums it up well:

…English English, American English and all the other varieties of Anglophonics have become rational and pragmatic [closure-oriented] but Irish English remains ludic and esthetic [open-oriented]. The rest of us speak dry prose; the Irish speak playful poetry.

Has our society become so rational and pragmatic as to dismiss these gifted moments of Deja vu as mere coincidence? Sadly, that seems to be the case more often than not.

The article goes on to talk about the power of language, then evoves into a discussion of perception. This is where Deja vu comes into play. There are great minds who agree, “…everything doesn’t exist until perceived.”

It’s something to think about.

Dr. David Bohm of the University of London believes this:

“…everything in the universe is in a kind of total rapport, so that whatever happens is related to everthing else ; or it may mean that there is some kind of information that can travel faster than the speed of light; or it may mean that our concepts of space and time have to be modified in some way that we don’t understand.”[London Times, 20 Feb 1983.]

If this is true, then a Deja vu experience is, in fact, very real! The moment of rememberance (or recognition) is perhaps from the past, information that has travelled from centuries long ago to bring information to one recipient.

Would you ignore a message like that?

Me neither.

The reality that life can be influenced from unseen, yet familiar, events of the past, is plausable. Deja vu is mystical…but that doesn’t make it any less real. The moment that a Deja vu experience embraces you, you must listen, feel, and experience it. There is meaning behind it…perhaps it is a pirate sending a warning from the 18th-century. Whatever it is, it needs to be heard.

This I know for certain.

The Deja vu Chronicles by Marti Melville
Third Edition

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