It’s a Little Disheartening

Tearful goodbye as we close the book for Doce Blant Publishing unsubscribers

Almost without fail, whenever I attend an event that features my books (and usually those of the other authors represented by my publisher), I run into someone who unabashedly admits he (or she) doesn’t read books. The conversation goes something like this: Me: “What is your favorite type of book…

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“Bring Out Your Dead”…I Mean the Blinders

Many times throughout a shift in the ER, nurses (and other staff) were held to a standard that looked at performance. How hard can it be to “perform” adequately in an environment where alarms scream for attention, patients cannot wait, emergencies happen?  It’s tough. Mostly, the lack of performance came…

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Magnificent 7? No Wait … Here are 8 Tips On Writing from Stephen King

Stephen King is one of my favorite writers — not because I’m particularly in love with his books (although The Shining and Misery stand out as two on my bookshelf … right next to Shawshank Redemption) — but rather, I love his approach to writing.  His book, On Writing is…

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    "What J. K. Rowling did for wizards and Stephenie Meyer did for vampires, Marti Melville has done for pirates." ~ Forbes Magazine (September 9, 2011)

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    "Melville’s work, which heavily romanticizes the life of a pirate, is atmospheric ... a solid start to the series." ~ Publisher's Weekly (February 2017)
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