Pirates and Sci-Fi…Who Knew?

I just finished a huge weekend event celebrating the launch of fellow Doce Blant author, Ren Cummins’ newest release, Steel & Sky: Tales of the Dead Man. To say that we had a blast is an understatement! The entire weekend ROCKED!

Caribbean pirates and Sci-fi blended well together…

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Magnificent 7? No Wait … Here are 8 Tips On Writing from Stephen King

Stephen King is one of my favorite writers — not because I’m particularly in love with his books (although The Shining and Misery stand out as two on my bookshelf … right next to Shawshank Redemption) — but rather, I love his approach to writing.  His book, On Writing is…

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Filmmakers Trend Toward Historical Novels Like “In The Heart Of The Sea”

Nearly 69 titles that hit the big screen this year had their beginning on the pages of a great book. It’s a trend that has taken the film industry to the library and bookstores, seeking the next great blockbuster. Interestingly, there is no one particular genre that dominates the big…

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