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Smooth Seas

The first time I read these words, they had been posted by someone I had little regard for. As it turned out, a rivulet of respect bubbled into my well of respect for this person. Her intent was sincere…and I sincerely needed to see it.

It became my mantra.

Facing the challenges that come with writing screenplays, novels, and the publishing industry,  I am ever appreciative of these words of wisdom.  Given the deep love of the sea that spills over all things within my life, it makes sense. God blesses each of us with smooth water and rough seas to keep our focus sharp and keen, an eye on the  horizon (aka: our intent or goal) as it were. With faith in the strength and knowledge given to each of us, we can let go of the outcome and “keep a weathered eye on the horizon.”


Most times, the very thing we’re looking for doesn’t appear. Instead, we’re met with an island of opportunity, waiting for us to visit and partake it all that it offers. These opportunities show themselves briefly, then slip away as the currents of life take us elsewhere. The trick is to recognize that the opportunity exists and not be fooled into thinking it has no meaning for us.

Island of opportunity with writing happens, per Marti Melville author

I had a distant opportunity crest the raging tides of my life when a real live pirate’s story popped up in a historical name search. It was a quick glimpse of what I might do, followed by an idea. Had I dismissed it, my life would have taken a different course. Fortunately, something inside told me to pay attention — and I began to write The Deja vu Chronicles.

What a blessing! Forever more, I will be grateful for that little island of opportunity that peaked the torrents affecting my life. Stopping to see just what it meant for me has made all the difference.  Indeed, I am grateful that the seas were not smooth during that phase. I hope I’m a stronger sailor because of it.

This has been my experience and I am reminded once more to be grateful for the rough seas of life.

Namaste ~

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