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Dusk has arrived and I can just make out the last vestiges of gold and salmon sunlight spilling over the Pacific Ocean as it dips below the horizon.  Twilight will be here soon.

My eyes are tired, mainly from traveling but also from hours of reading and research.  I’m finishing the last of the edits for Onyx Rising and need to stop for a minute – if for no other reason than to watch the sunset.  A pile of books, my open laptop, and reading glasses are set alongside a sundry stack of writing tablets and pencils – my editing tools.  Time for them to rest as well.

It’s been an interesting weekend, one that I’ve enjoyed spending with family.  Dad turned 80 and celebrated it following his passion – racing down an icy slope on a pair of extra-long skis (probably traveling around 65 mph at his slowest).  He’s amazing!  Not only because he skis faster than I drive my Audi but mainly because he still has the guts to honor his passion.

Writing is my passion and reading about writing falls somewhere in there too.  I’m passionate about the arts (movies, dance, music, visual art, literature).  I’m also passionate about history and have combined both passions into my “baby” – the Deja vu Chronicles.

The Deja vu Chronicles by Marti Melville
Third Edition

That said, I’m not naive enough to think that the best future for Kathryn and Captain Phillips is to bury them on a shelf and not allow the series to meet public sentiment, mature and move on to bigger and better things (the same goes for me as a writer).

Writing is a creative way to put ideas, dialogue, images and concepts into a medium that can be enjoyed by others.  It’s intellectual property (IP) that needs to be nurtured and set loose on the masses.  That takes some courage from the author.

I spent the majority of this day reading about the courage other authors have shown as they get their work out into public view.  My mind is filled with tasks and goals.  It’s exhausting yet invigorating at the same time – kinda like skiing with dad.


At times, I take off from the summit thinking, I’ve got this, letting my skis do what they do best with me as the passenger.  It’s a huge ego-boost and kinda scary.

Most times, I follow dad’s lead struggling to keep up with this Olympic champion who glides over snow, poetry on skis.  I’m amazed and motivated once more to do better, trying to mimic his prowess, knowing I won’t ever be the kind of skier he is but grateful I can do it and stand upright … most of the time.

The “gifted” who have gone before often generously share their experience and offer insight into what makes them successful.  Many aspiring writers dig their heels in and refuse to listen.  I’m not one of those.  My path is one that mimics, following their trail in hopes of becoming better at my craft.

To those who have read my books, thank you for taking the time to do so.  Thank you for honoring those characters that are so close to my heart, even if they didn’t touch yours the same way.  Thanks for sharing the story with others and for supporting writers everywhere by reading and reading some more.

The sun is gone and darkness rises along with a new moon.  This is the moment that I return to that secret place in my imagination – the one that follows me to the page. Hopefully, you will follow me there too and we can share an amazing moment recorded on the pages of a book (or on the big screen).

Until then…Fair winds!20150207_163344

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