Quantum History and Present Acts

Quantum physics

Today, I sit in the sunlight next to the beach as I edit my third novel.  It’s not a difficult job but one that requires my attention and time.  Fortunately, I like what I’ve written and find myself enjoying the flow of the story in much the same way that a pair of fresh eyes would, reading one of my books.  That’s  good thing, I think.

As I moved through the text, lost in what Kathryn is up to, I discovered this paragraph and remembered the moment I wrote it.  As if the message needed to be recorded somewhere in the pages of the book, I heard the words and wrote them down.  Amazed at what had been scribed, I paused and decided to note it here — away from the fiction.

Think in terms of quantum physics when you read this.  The commentary made about medical personnel is not meant to be injurious but rather, a statement about the loss of spiritual insight when “tasks” overtake “purpose” — as is often the case with medicine nowadays.

Here’s to the idea that life continues as a force beyond just the duties of the day:

Her feet stopped moving as she turned to face the mist. Its lethal tendrils called her forward into its abyss.

She understood now. The doctors inside were so certain of their brilliance, while nurses whitewashed their tasks with compassion as they witnessed their patients’ existence transport between life and death. They are all simply reactive, played by events that occurred centuries before. The tangible Quantum physics eyeenergy of history — people who had walked upon the same soil hundreds of years before, breathed the same oxygen, watched the same ocean as the currents lifted and fell over and over again — all of it was still present. Energy remained alive, borne from the hearts and souls of individuals long laid to rest within the earth’s soft caress.  

Katherine understood.

May we all live well, be happy and mindful of those who have passed before us — those who have walked in the very spot we walk this day, have breathed the same same air we breathe, and have experienced the same hopes and dreams for rememberance that we do.

~ Namaste


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