My Near-Near-Death Experience!

My Near-Near-Death Experience!

I swear, my life just flashed before my eyes!


“Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride” took on a whole new meaning!


Yesterday, my plane landed (finally) after the worst turbulents I’ve ever experienced – and I’ve experienced a LOT! Snow, sleet, rain, wind, and fog greeted us the entire descent. I thought I would surely pass on.

Thank the HEAVENS (literally) I had a book!



I’m reading O’Reilly’s Killing England and spent a better part of an hour reviewing Thomas Jefferson’s life and demise. Thoughts kept circling, as each new dip in our course hit the plane with the force of a torpedo, “It could be worse…you could be Jefferson.”

This really isn’t a blog post, but rather a delayed rant. I’m not sure about the airline. It’s the third or fourth flight with them and so far I’m not impressed.  But, we did land safely in the fog.

Truthfully, I wanted to kiss the ground! Instead, I kissed my book.

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