Captain John Phillips

Ship at sail in The Deja vu Chronicles by Marti Melville with Captain Joh Phillips, pirate - Midnight Omen, Silver Moon, Onyx Rising, Cutthroat's Omen: A Crimson Dawn



Tom Mison as Capt. John Phillips
Can’t you just see Tom Mison as Capt. John Phillips? It’s in his eyes.

CAPTAIN JOHN PHILLIPS was a real pirate who sailed as captain of the Revenge from 1721-1724.

He was an English carpenter by trade, who turned to piracy under command of Anstis. He stole his own vessel and began as pirate captain for the renamed, Revenge in 1721.  Rumors state that John Phillips was killed by his crew … but that claim has never been verified.  John Phillips disappeared in 1724 and was never heard from again.

“It always matters, lass. History will be written again and again in these logs. The tale of the Revenge lies in my quill and I cannot foul her name with poor accuracy. This log is the only record we have — save for the tales of the men and you know how tainted their stories grow with time and rum.”

(Silver Moon – book 2 in The Deja vu Chronicles)

John Deale pirate Charles Vane Onyx Rising book 3 in The Deja vu Chronicles as said by Captain John Phillips of the Revenge“Well, Mister John Deale,” Captain Phillips said extending a hand. “How would ye like to serve under my command with fair dealings and full rights and payment as set forth by the Articles o’ Piracy?”

An audible gasp sounded and John Deale grasped Phillips’ hand, shaking it heartily.

The pirate flag also known as The Black Flag found in The Deja vu Chronicles by Marti Melville
Thoughts While Writing The Deja vu Chronicles

18th-century amputation on pirate ship Revenge by  Captain John Phillips


Evidence that this would be his last act of mercy was clear, as he obviously expected her to finish the job as the ship’s healer. The other men had withdrawn, wide-eyed and terrified. Gristle and bone splintered and cracked, shooting missiles through the air that landed in the widening pool of warm sticky crimson below the Captain’s boots. One of the large pirates turned his head and vomited, never releasing his hold on the unconscious man under his grip.

(Midnight Omen —  book 1 in The Deja vu Chronicles)

Fighting Pirates - James Thompson“I’m ready to meet my Maker, Master Nutt! Should ye be disposed and not able to face God, it be of your own accord! It’s a coward who cannot face his own death. Indeed, I fear neither God nor the devil himself!”   The captain’s green eyes blazed as he spoke.

(Silver Moon – book 2 in The Deja vu Chronicles)


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