Multitasking – a Myth

The Characters tell their story – I am merely the tool used to record it. Marti Melville writes paranormal historical fiction set in the 18th-century

This morning is split between a walk with my beagle, the next chapter in my newest horror novel, and some concentrated work on a sci-fi novel I’m writing for a client – all good things.  Throw in there a couple of screenplays and you have my docket for the next two months.

It makes me pause to think about the best way to juggle the desire to constantly write and still find balance in my life (in addition to saving my eyes from 12+ hrs of laptop time).  I suppose that is a good struggle — one that every dedicated writer enjoys.

I read an article about multitasking while working as an ER nurse many years ago. Nurses in general pride themselves on their ability to multitask — I was no exception, especially in the ER.  According to the author of this article, multitasking is a falacy.  It simply cannot be done.  I questioned the validity of the article’s point back then but do not question it now.  Multitasking is buggar for me (could be the age).  I think it’s because of the multi-creative ideas that spring to mind constantly, usually unprovoked, and generally during the worst of times.  How does one get to it all?

Well, today I multitask, just like I will tomorrow and again next week.  It’s the process that takes place during any writer’s creative process.  I suppose it’s not really multitasking, but it feels that way.   And it’s a fun feeling – kinda like drinking a soda through a fancy straw while driving my convertable in the California sunshine – like that!

So, to my brothers and sisters who multitask — HAPPY WRITING.  All the best this coming weekend for a relaxing break to fuel your creativity!   Same for me.

Hugs ~

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