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Midnight Omen

5.0 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars — Enchanting Read    December 1, 2015
Good book from start to finish. The kind of book that keeps you up way past lights out time because you want to read further into the heart of the characters. The author weaves past and present with adventures, magic, mystery, innocent romance, and the thrilling life of pirates in an enchanting read. Glad I bought books 2 & 3. Look forward to the movies!
5.0 out of 5 stars I really enjoyed this first book in the Deja Vu Chronicles, May 30, 2015
Karen M. Brower
Midnight Omen (The DeJa Vu Chronicles Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I really enjoyed this first book in the Deja Vu Chronicles. It was very well written. Marti kept me wanting to read more. She has it progressing in just the right timing to keep the reader anxious to turn the next page and read the next chapter. I enjoyed it so very much that I have been very excited about reading the rest of the series. I am still trying to figure out her big twist and I can’t say anything here or I might reveal too much of the plot, but this is definitely a very different modern day love story. I love that the very sexy, romantic and handsome Captain Phillips is actually based on a real person. Each character has a definite personality and I find myself using different voices in my head for each one. There is enough sexual tension between the main characters, without explicit descriptions, that your imagination fills it all in. That is the best kind of romance to read about. Marti has done extensive research for these books and I find her Celtic spells and mythology absolutely perfect for the time period. A great, fun and enjoyable read!

5.0 out of 5 stars April 28, 2012 By McRay

If you like adventure, mysticism, love, and of course pirates, then this is the book for you. From the reality of today, back in time to the 1700’s, what a ride on the wind you will have as you set sail on this pirate ship. Move over Jack Sparrow here comes Capt. John Phillips.

5 starsMagical, July 26, 2010 By Amanda 

This book made me feel like I was on a pirate ship right along side the pirates. Marti does a great job of taking the reader on the journey with her!

 Silver Moon

5.0 out of 5 starsMarti has done it again!!! The story …

By Kindle Customer on November 30, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Marti has done it again!!! The story she weaves consumes the mind and heart. I could not put it down!

5.0 out of 5 starsThis book will hook you! April 30, 2014 By Johanna Carroll

I met Marti in person and know this is an author with a passion for her work. It is very evident in all her books and Silver Moon is a must read for anyone with an yearning for adventure on and off the sea!

5 starsBetter then the first!, January 28, 2014 By Anakin Barrett

A true must read! Marti has outdone herself again. My only complaint is that the next book is not out yet.

5.0 out of 5 starsGood Read., November 8, 2013 By Kaycee Ingleby 

Loved it just as much as the first! Such an exciting read, super talented author, and who doesn’t love a pirate!

5.0 out of 5 starsDark Arts and Pirates !  October 27, 2013 By El presagio 

The second book in the Deja Vu series chronicles Melville’s skillfully woven tale of blood, lust and fear on the pirate ship Revenge. The novel puts the reader on board with a taste of salty sea air and adventure in the Spanish Main. Based on the real exploits of pirate Captain John Phillips, the novel skillfully details the historically accurate battles at sea of these Caribbean cutthroats. Meet the Celtic healer, Kathryn, kidnapped by the crew for her healing powers. She becomes a force to be reckoned with as she transforms from young woman to a powerful pirate in her own right.A page-turner to the end, Silver Moon Deja vu is an artful mix of present-day medicine and the black arts of piracy.

 Reviewed by Michelle Randall for Readers’ Favorite

When we first meet John, he is a paramedic working on a patient. Upon arrival at the hospital, he sees a nurse that he thinks he knows; in fact he is sure she is someone from his past. Very quickly we find out that when he means his past, he means his long ago past life! Silver Moon Deja Vu is John’s story. In a past life he was a pirate captain in love with an Irish lass named Kathryn. There are trials and setbacks, good times and promises, and a romance that lives on past their lives. Add in some superstitious pirate crew members and a hussy lady pirate and you have a wonderful story. Marti Melville mixes Irish and Caribbean traditions, Druids and Voodoo to give a story that is part romance and part adventure, but all enjoyable.

Although Silver Moon Deja Vu is the second book in the Deja Vu Chronicles, it can stand on its own quite easily. I had not read the first book and had no trouble following the story or understanding what was going on at all. Of course it is probably even better if you have read the first, but it was good without. John and Kathryn are characters that are so real; they have flaws that lead them to mistakes that hurt them, but they love deeply and have tempers. Marti Melville adds some paranormal aspects into the story with the Irish folklore and the idea that Kathryn has a gift – she is a witch in the Irish tradition and able to heal. Her role on the pirate ship is as the ship’s doctor or healer. There is also some Caribbean Voodoo. Since the ship is traveling and Kathryn can’t ask her grandmother questions, she searches out those where they dock, which just happens to be Trinidad. This is a wonderful story for those who love romance, adventure, and paranormal or any of those. Definitely one that you want to check out.


Grandma BallyHuHu and the Mystical Coin


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  1. I was given silver moon and really loved the writing the story and the characters. Now I am looking for Midnight Omen book 1 in this Series.

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