How to Write…Wait! What?

How to Write…Wait! What?

I’m speaking in a few days about writing. This is to a group that focuses on the metaphysical (right up my alley!) and has the same desire the rest of us have…to get that story, floating around in our heads, in print!

A few writers I know have offered advice. Of course, I listen because I sincerely believe that others’ experiences will enrich my own (sounds deeper than intended). In other words, there are many teachers “out there” that I can learn from. So, I take advice, mull it over, and use the pieces that fit and discard the fluff. It works!

One such writer offered his blog as a resource. I glanced it over and haven’t left the site yet. His rich experiences have offered insight that I never considered. Much of what Bill Furney writes about is very relatable, particularly to me and my writing experience. It validates that I’m on the right path and gives me someone “in my troop” to fall back on, if needed.

I’ve decided to share a snippet from one of his blog posts here.  Please enjoy the wisdom of Bill Furney, author.


…First off, I’m a regular guy.  Old school.  I fix stuff that’s broken, build things with hand tools, and split wood for the Buck Stove.  I’ve painted the houses I’ve lived in several times, renovated an entire kitchen, mow the grass, rake the leaves, and once upon a time, changed my kids’ diapers.

Now, about the re-write.  About 25 years ago, I began my first novel, Aphrodite’s Whisper.  I mainly wrote at night after the kids went to bed and on the weekends.  It took more than four years to complete and, when done, I was quite proud.  After about a month of sending letters to agents (that’s how it was done back then), I found a woman in New Jersey who loved the story and couldn’t wait to pitch it to A-List publishers.  In short, their responses were, “close but no cigar.”  Undaunted, I took their comments to heart, spent about six months rewriting it, and tried again.  Alas, my agent was no longer interested and I got nowhere, fast.  But I don’t quit.

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Thanks Bill for allowing me to share your blog. I’m off to write, again. Mostly, because I’m a lot like Bill…I don’t quit either!


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