Freedom Rings at the Rodeo

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday. I’m not sure if it was that first blast of the cannon at six am announcing the Lion’s Club breakfast was now officially up and running and flipping the flap jacks…or…if it was the parade that followed filled with home-made floats and people dressed up in red-white-n-blue. Most likely, it was both.

Today began much the same way most of my July 4th’s have – however, age has transposed the non-stop activity into realism. Breakfast was a quick trip to Starbucks followed by the traditional parade (in nearly 90 degree temps which drove me into the nearest McDonald’s seeking the merciful air conditioning and something over ice). Immediately afterward, I flew home to get ready for the next celebratory event (the entire preparation included only a nap). Then, it was off to the local rodeo where cowboys and cattle got roped and thrown into dirt that filtered its way up to where I sat. My eyes watered and nose began to run as the hay fever set in.  And just when I was about to capture the thrills and chills experienced by any rodeo-goer, my kids created the perfect photo bomb and reminded me that family is what it’s all about.


Our next stop was the grassy strand lining the road just outside as we all carefully laid blankets down and dutifully stared at the sky waiting for the fireworks to begin. Without warning, the sprinklers came to life and we scattered for dry ground, eyes still glued to the starry sky waiting for that first burst of colored pyrotechnics. Soaking wet – the show was magnificent!

But as I looked around tonight, glancing at my family and strangers seated near me, I considered all that had transpired for the day.  I quickly realized that the very same things had taken place as a well-established tradition for the past fifty-five years of my life – all across America.  Freedom to preserve memories created in a holiday established by those who fought for it.  My freedom!  Your freedom!

Photo: “Laura and I wish our fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day.  We are fortunate to be citizens of this free land, and we are grateful to the brave men and women in uniform who call the United States home.  Happy Fourth of July, and may God continue to bless America.”

THAT in itself is the very fabric Old Glory was created to represent. Small towns and big cities throughout the entire U.S. of A. came together again this one day and celebrated that precious commodity we all share – our liberty!

God Bless America!

Photo: God bless America!  Happy 4th!

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