Fireflies in North Carolina

Fireflies in North Carolina

This will be a quick comment – as quick as the fireflies I saw tonight.  I’m busy of late. My daughter just gave birth to a baby, still in the NICU. He’s doing well and we anticipate bringing him home sometime this week.

During the chaos of running people back and forth from the hospital, keeping two very active toddlers busy, running my businesses, adapting to the time change, and writing…my daughter graciously introduced me to fireflies.

Fireflies in North Carolina - a new experience for Marti Melville as she discovers the beauty of the South.
photo courtesy of David Wolf

The magic of those creatures brought a palpable pause in the pandemonium that has been constant since my arrival. Almost as if given the chance to just breathe…I stood still and watched in the evening light as flickers of light danced through the trees.


I’ve realized that “Busy” isn’t always productive – in fact, it’s distracting. The magic of life with loved ones can be lost in the hustle of society’s demands. While I struggle to catch my breath (as I chase my granddaughters around), my new little grandson struggles just to breathe. With each improvement, we rejoice and remain hopeful.


These are the gifts we’re given while on this earth. These are also the things that make for touching stories. I am motivated to write while here – even though I still chase granddaughters. My desire to fill the pages with stories that come from the imagination of my grandkids is precious to me, which brings into focus a new goal to get Grandma BallyHuHu out on her next adventure.

Apparently, this will happen in China with panda bears, possibly fireflies too!

We caught fireflies in a jar – a magical event only at sundown.

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