Totally Stuck!

I’ve fallen off the “what next” idead train and landed in something completely foreign!

I mean, storytelling has never been a problem for me (just ask my parents) – especially the ones that are mired in history and roll over vast seas. Dabble that with a little Celtic folklore and a lot of Caribbean magic, and you have the recipe for a well-seasoned tall tale.

Except, when the creative ship runs aground. 

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18th Century Acumens of the Rich and Famous – Ask Someone to Smile

Fact: Blackened teeth became status symbol of the rich in the 18th century. This discovery led to the description of perfect teeth on my voodoo priestess – something I still doubt.

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    "What J. K. Rowling did for wizards and Stephenie Meyer did for vampires, Marti Melville has done for pirates." ~ Forbes Magazine (September 9, 2011)

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    "Melville’s work, which heavily romanticizes the life of a pirate, is atmospheric ... a solid start to the series." ~ Publisher's Weekly (February 2017)
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