Musings of a Writer

  • Connecting to Escape

    Recent times have overburdened most of us with a feeling of isolation – a lonliness that is palpable. Frequently, a feeling of hysteria bubbles to...
  • Celebrity Talk – Marti Melville with KEVIN DU TOIT

    Listen in as Kevin discusses his experience in front of the camera, his success as an iconic realtor with beach-front properties along the California coast, and glamorous stories behind the scenes of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies.
  • "It Just Comes to Me..."

    My belief is that this is how we create stories. Novelists will speak of dreams that gave them the story for their books. Writers also frequently state, "The story just came to me." This, I believe, is the psi that I'm learning about. Call it inspiration or intuition or visions or dreams, it doesn't matter the title you give this occurrence -- it's the process that counts.
  • A Pirate's Life for Me

    You swing a fist and raise a mug, singing those words as you fantasize about the Golden Age of Pirates. It was a glorious time…according to Hollywood. But historians paint a different picture filled will hard days at sea, scurvy, violence, and probable death.
    So, why do we glorify those cutthroats?
  • A Little Bit Woo-Woo for the Paranormal

    (Taken from post written in 2019) I’ve always known I loved the paranormal. Ghost stories are my favorite “genre” by far. In fact, last night we w...
  • The Power of Yesterday

    (original post Feb. 2019) "Make it EPIC!" Kevin added just before he hung up the phone... His request was simply to write another screenplay, some...
  • Amazing Talent – Writers with a Purpose

    To my right is a Rock-n-Roll psychic, to my left is a crystal medium who sparkes, next to her is Gaia’s spokeswoman, and just beyond is a crystal ...
  • Grid by No Accident

    What’s amazing about this whole historical writing process are the little “clues” about what should happen next. Hints that come without warning.

    Serendipity, really.

    One of these: Ley-Lines.

  • Pirate Novel Born on the Beach

    Walking the beach always brings out the pirate in me…at least the pirate writer in me. I experienced the transformation yesterday, snapped this photo, and began to feel that familiar itch in my fingers as they begged to gyrate over my laptop. The story was once again peeking through.