Storms and Struggle

It seems times have grown tempestuous and society's skies have darkened. The storm is no longer's here. A maelstrom, really. 

What does that mean for us?

I think of those sailors (and pirates) who "weathered the storms" at sea. It built these men's endurance –– made them stronger sailors. 

For those of us experiencing the tempest in humanity, the same can be true for us. In this sea of humanity, it's important to follow the example of these weathered mariners and hold onto a lifeline. Just what that lifeline looks like is different for each of us – but it's located deep in your soul, right next to your core values and beliefs.

Faith in our ability to weather any storm is a survival skill. Holding onto the knowlege of who we are and where our intent lies (especially where humanity is concerned) will save us. 

Remember the wise words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: 

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” 

Hold on. Find the humanity in yourself and buoy up others through kindness. Be strong to withstand the will pass and clear, joyful times will soon follow.


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