Not Really Romantic...Not Really

I really, really don’t like romances. Okay, well maybe I like “You’ve Got Mail” (there are books in that movie) and “Sleepless in Seattle” (I live there), but I seriously never choose a romance movie or book. That genre just isn’t for me.

So when an agent I was working with told me that The Deja vu Chronicles was “really a paranormal romance,” I cringed. That she included the word “Paranormal” in the description made it easier to digest, but not much.

Oh my! Marti Melville author of The Deja vu Chronicles

Exactly why I don’t do romances is a mystery. You’d think I’d be all over a romance, given my sensitive heart. Nope!

My good friend Karen agreed and sent me three romance novels to read (one involved a Celtic Highlander, which wasn’t too bad — no, it wasn’t Outlander). She said, “Read every single one of these without skipping any pages, and then write a love scene.”


Karen would know what sells books, she’s a two-time Emmy award winning marketer that has boosted well-known celebrities to fame. So, I did exactly what she said and read all three books (there was a lot of reward-treats involved as I finished each chapter).

Romance in The Deja vu Chronicles by Marti Melville

Writing a love scene was another story. I don’t know how to do that. Everything I put onto paper sounded corny and fake. So, I did what I do best and substituted a sword fight or death into said-love-scene.

I know The Deja vu Chronicles is a story about Kathryn and Capt. Phillips and their romance (there! I used the word), but my ability to write about it is limited. This explains that one complaint I always get:

“There needs to be more romance in the books.”

My thoughts: Okay then, you write it.

Kidding aside, I’ve really tried to include just enough romance to whet the appetite of every romance-lover “out there” that reads the books. I doubt there was a lot of Hollywood-style romance aboard a pirate ship. In truth, it was more like “taking care of business” then back to pillage and plunder (you know what I mean). The process of keeping a ship at sail took everyone’s effort. Rocking the Boat wasn’t practical. Still, love snuck in — even with the most hardened pirates (think: Calico Jack and Anne Bonny…or maybe Kathryn and Bourn).


As I write the fourth and final book in the series, my challenge is to overcome my fear of writing romance. Yes, there will be romance in Cutthroat’s Omen: A Crimson Dawn. There will also be more ghosts and conflict, battles at sea, and a few hangings. That just goes with the territory.

I’m excited to wrap up The Deja vu Chronicles, mainly because it’s time but also because there are side stories I want to write about some of the characters. A few readers have mentioned the characters they want to know more about (Seth, Mariel, Thomas Bourn), and that makes me excited to think about…the “what if’s” always get me.

Let me know your thoughts. Is there a character you want to know more about (just don’t ask me to write romance – Deanna Jewel does that).

Okay, now back to the Caribbean for me…

The Deja vu Chronicles by Marti Melville is a paranormal, historical fiction with smatterings of romance and the paranormal, set in the 18th century Caribbean with Celtic witches, mythos, and pirates.

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