Moon Omen...Do You Know What it Means?

Mysticism and superstitious beliefs have always surrounded the moon and her many manifestations – particularly when she is full. Luna is nothing less than magical. She is an entity to which religions pray, oceans currents bow, and physical bodies synchronize.

Silver Moon Deja vu
The Moon is truly a powerful anomaly. Without a doubt, the mystery that encompasses the moon – her appearance in the sky and the color she takes on – has influenced sailors from centuries back. Omens have been rumored to surround the moon and certain types of magic are performed only the waxing or waning moon, depending on the spell.

The Déjà vu Chronicles takes its theme from the moon and her omens. My idea to use the moon in this way throughout the story happened by chance. I was walking my dog late one night and noticed an eerie glow that encircled the moon with tendrils that dripped from her surface – or so it appeared.

Onyx Rising Deja vu
Immediately Midnight Omen and Silver Moon were born. Within months, the moon had changed, and red patches were seen over her surface. I’m sure scientists can explain away the magic that was held within that moon but for me, it was another omen. Onyx Rising came about not long afterward, and I found historical documentation of the same everywhere. Some call it a “Strawberry Moon” while others talk of the “Blood Moon.” I call it an Onyx Moon omen and Kathryn (the protagonist in the book series) keenly utilizes these omens to foretell of imminent danger to herself and her loved ones … even the pirates with which she sails.

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