"It Just Comes to Me..."

Recently, I've been taking courses that surround the topic of parapsychology and other methods of receiving information (outside of encyclopedic research). This is of great interest to me because much of the information I write about the Caribbean, mythos, and pirates, in general, are heavily researched...but some are not.

One particular scene found in Onyx Rising describes the island of Tobago. At the time of the writing, I had never visited Tobago and wasn't aware of its topography (I have since had the privilege of spending some time on that beautiful island). As I wrote, I visualized a beautiful sandy beach with low-lying scrub and gorgeous red flowers. I also saw a bird that was not familiar to me. Noting the details of this vision, it became obvious that I needed to research the "truth" of what I had just written. Without exception, the details fit exactly the island's natural terrain.

I was astonished! How did this happen?

According to the information I've received in these classes, this happened as a result of personal psi (psychic abilities we all have -- some know this as ESP).

Parapsychologists' understanding of ESP is scientific and very different from what the general population's definition of ESP is. Basically, ESP represents an Extended Perception of Senses we already possess. In other words, "extra" doesn't me more, but rather, "extended." This definition is one that I accept and seems to make sense to me. Our ability to tap into senses we have "turned off" and "tuned out of" over the years still remains a possibility...we just need to relearn how to "listen" and "see," etc.

My belief is that this is how we create stories. Novelists will speak of dreams that gave them the story for their books. Writers also frequently state, "The story just came to me." This, I believe, is the psi that I'm learning about. Call it inspiration or intuition or visions or dreams, it doesn't matter the title you give this occurrence -- it's the process that counts.

Great stories come to creative minds. Like open windows, the ideas seem to flow into a creative individual that is willing to accept any and all imagery that presents itself. This is evident with artists as well (ask Michaelangelo, if you doubt this).

I guess this post is important because (as I stated in my first paragraph) everyone has access to this psi. My hope is that we'll all pay attention to the input that comes to our consciousness and imagination, create from that, and produce amazing artistic feats for the rest of us.

God bless the creative talent waiting to be discovered!

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