Connecting to Escape

Recent times have overburdened most of us with a feeling of isolation – a lonliness that is palpable. Frequently, a feeling of hysteria bubbles to the surface of our sanity, beggin for validation. This is what isolation feels like.

We, as humans need to connect.

I think it's part of our DNA, to be united with others – in a cause, an adventure, the drama of life, or fear. All of these events involve two things: emotion and connection.

When circumstances demand isolation (justified and real or irrationally imposed), we seek a way to connect, to feel emotion – to be human!  One thing you can be certain about homo sapiencs is our ability to get creative when under pressure. 

And the pressue is the frog who was slowly boiled alive in the pot, only we are feeling the heat. We know "something is rotten in our Denmark world" and it's getting really uncomfortable.

So, what are our fellow human beings doing to ease the dis-ease of isolation? The answer is simple: Escape. 

Like hopping out of the boiling water, we are finding ways to escape the isolation – ways to connect with those things that bring on emotion and allow us to share stories with others. How do we know those who've made it successfully, those who've escaped unscathed, who are moving forward with grace?

We can tell by their hands and their focus. These escapees hold one thing in common: Books. 

This is the magic of a story. There is a way to escape. There is a way to connect with others – it happens in a book. Even if the characters are fictional, the reader connects and relates to their life's story. The escape is real and it heals.

Trust me when I say, you will find sanity and sanctity in a book. Take up a book and simply read it.


Find peace.


That is my prayer for us all.


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