Amazing Talent – Writers with a Purpose

To my right is a Rock-n-Roll psychic, to my left is a crystal medium who sparkes, next to her is Gaia’s spokeswoman, and just beyond is a crystal angel intuitive. All of these talents are writers and spiritual and amazing!

Our goal was to work on creating magnificent websites. The outcome was completely different.

We met, laughed, ate food, talked about ideas, fiddled with website “stuff” and mostly…blessed each other with our combined presence.

It amazes me the power of women who gather together with loving intention. As if the magic of heaven opens it’s widows, blessed energy filled with God’s graces and the spirit of womanhood descends.

That sounds rather dramatic…but it’s the truth.

Some of us cried after one of us prayed for the welfare of the others. Most of us laughed as we faced our own inabilities with a technical world. Overall, we shared our friendship and renewed our devotion to one another, in spite of our differences.

Thank you once again, ladies, for spending the afternoon with me. My thought was to help you, but in truth, you helped me.

Friends. Companions. Confidants. Sisters.



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