Silver Moon is Here!

Beware the Midnight Omen and her wicked sister, the Silver Moon. ~Mariel of Wales (circa 1722)   It is with great pleasure that I announce the arrival of another omen . . . the Silver Moon. Book 2 in The Deja vu Chronicles sails forth on the next phase of…

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Casting spells from the 18th-century – not as far from reality as you’d think!

If I

Maybe one day, whistling sailors really will send wind to sails that luff in the duldrums of flat seas. Perhaps, Zen masters will teach us how to draw energy from the skies. Someday, there may be healers who can speak words softly into the ears of those suffering (cast a spell, as it were) and relieve their pain . . .

100 years ago, doing that would have bought me a date with a hangman or a burning stake. I would have been tried as a witch and killed for it. Today, doing that makes me a good employee

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