Alas … Alan Rickman Never Played the Role of a Pirate

I desperately wanted to see Alan Rickman take the role as one of the pirates from my pirate novel series, The Deja vu Chronicles.  He was, after all, the perfect Welsh-English mix from a heritage that hailed the same European beginnings as Captain John Phillips nearly three centuries ago.  Alas, it was not meant to be.

My heart is sad at his passing, as so many are.  But I relish in the thought that, as he so eloquently said:  

Alan Rickman Quote with Marti Melville

Writers are agents of change as well … the world has never been the same since the day we met Severus Snape in the infamous Harry Potter series.  Thank heavens J. K. Rowling took up her pen and chose to write down the story that whirled around in her head.

Thank heavens so many others did too.  I am forever grateful that Kathryn chose me to be the vessel to tell her story.  It is magical and powerful, all at the same moment.  The legacy she’ll give to those left behind are as valuable as the legacy Mr. Rickman has left behind in his phenomonal talent, preserved on the screen for generations to behold.  Truly, creativity expressed in any medium is the treasure that grows in value with the passage of time.  The tale of a pirate captain and his soul-mate, a Celtic witch at sail on the Caribbean sea is mine — one that grows more savory with each passing day.

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