Little Advantages

Human Felicity is produced not so much by great Pieces of good Fortune that seldom happen, as by little Advantages that occur every Day.

(Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography, 1771)



Perhaps Ben Franklin saw life a little more clearly through those spectacles than we realize.  “Advantage” sounds unfair.  But taken in the perspective of Mr. Franklin, “Advantage” is really opportunity waiting to be claimed..and on a daily basis!

I’ve always believed in saying “Yes!” to opportunity.  Perhaps that has given me an “advantage” in some people’s eyes (certainly not in my own).  Saying “yes” has definitely led me down some interesting and fortunitous paths in the course of my life – many of which were entirely unplanned.  Because of this, I will always advocate the “yes” approach to any opportunity that presents itself.

Consider this – what opportunities have arrived at your personal doorstep today?  What chances to launch into a new adventure showed themselves to you?  Did you take the risk(s)?  Did you even recognize that these advantages were there?

I think that’s the trick – recognition and the guts to say “yes.”  Benjamin Franklin knew this fact and coached us with his wise words above.  Commiting ourselves to accepting the risk of a new opportunity gives us each a personal advantage.  I can testitify to that!  Join me tomorrow as we each welcome our individual opportunities with a resounding “Let’s do this!”

I invite you to share your experience here.

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