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Q&A – Weekly Live Facebook Feeds


Talk about genres, specifially: psychological thriller, mystery, suspense, crime fiction, paranormal, and noir. It’s a little bit lengthy, compared to some of these videos, but I was specifically asked to talk it. Hopefully, it’s as enjoyable to listen to, as it was for me to make.

Is Self-Publishing a book expensive? Most know I’m not a proponent for self-publishing, but this question is an important one that I hope was answered in a way that helps other writers (and keeps the hate-mail away from my mailbox!)

What book genres are trending for 2017? Let’s talk about that.


QA: Why are women bad luck on a pirate ship?


QA: Do you ever have nightmares after spending time doing scary stuff…like visiting cemeteries?

QA: What Motivated you to write?

QA:  Is it difficult is it to get published?

It’s time for 2017 Resolutions. I took mine to live streaming on FB (my first attempt). Check out how it went…



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